Great Looking Tall Pet Gate DIY

20161120_170903We have lots of visitors over the holidays and although we love our three big dogs, sometimes they need to stay in their own space. Friends might not mind sleeping on the couch but might draw the line at a sloppy wet kiss wake up call from an adorable mastiff mix. We have a nice big “Florida” room with tile floors and access to the yard. We call this the dog room. It houses their food, water and accessories. This room unfortunately has no doors and flows right into the dining room through an eight foot opening. The goal is to be able to close off the dog room with a gate that is tall enough to keep the shepherd from leaping over it but allow them some view, and not be an eyesore. I saw some excellent projects online but they were  all for smaller pets and smaller openings. There was one project from this Old House that was most similar to what I thought might work. They built theirs from oak and it was about half the size both in width and in height of what I needed.



DogGate_design (click images to see larger) This is my sketch with the new dimensions. Note that it calls for 1/2 inch plywood. Nope, that’s wrong, I used 3/4 inch plywood.
sustainable Because time is tight, milling all the lumber I need from stock lumber was not an option.

Instead, I selected sustainable FSC 1 x 2 select pine to use in this build. I try to always use FSC labeled wood or reclaimed wood whenever possible.

DogGate_22_5 This project used 3×4 plywood cut to 22.5 x 30 and lots and lots of 1x2s. I bought about 20 1x2x8s (I lost count so please don’t hold me to that exact number)
DogGate_cut_lumber The total height of each of the four panels is 48 inches.
20161115_175647 I laid out the parts for each of the four sections first to be sure everything fit together correctly then went back with glue and nails. After all four sections were together, I added several coats of white paint (the kind that can take a beating) and paired the sections up with hinges. I think that the gate will remain in place most of the time but I secured it to the opening using sliding bolts so that I can completely remove the gate if I want to.
20161120_170903 This is the final result 🙂 it fit perfectly (Yay!) More photos below, with the dogs bombing all my pictures as they check it out.

20161120_170853 20161120_170800 20161120_170757