A new desk

A lot of working remotely happens in this house. I work remotely and so does my spouse. We have one office, but we needed a second work area. We had a large console, one of the first things I’d made and when we moved I decided it wasn’t worth saving, except for the top. The top was made of hardwood planks that I joined together with biscuits. It was already stained an ebony color so when I decided to reuse the top for the desk, I just stuck with the dark stain. I also hoped it would be a forgiving choice as I planned on using construction grade pine 2x4s for the desk itself to keep the cost down.

Desk parts cut to size and ready for assembly. Choosing the straightest, best looking boards is important. Be picky when buying lumber.

I ended up using about 8 2x4s and they cost about $3 each. The joinery was all pocket holes. I started out drawing a few of my own ideas but then came across this desk designed by the folks at Shanty2chic. I love the way it looks and it would be sturdy as well. I had to make a few adjustments to the size of the desk but it was a great look and I am so glad that people are willing to share their creative talents.

I changed every measurement to meet my particular requirements. The overall height is less by 2 inches to fit below a window, and of course I already had a top so I altered the base dimensions to fit. The length was less and so I opted to have only one truss support for the back of the desk. I also left the front support off to allow for more room so the chair I have would fit under the desk. This takes away some of the support for the top, it still feels pretty sturdy. Sadly it also has the effect of making the desk look less balanced. It is prettier with the front support in place. Overall it cost about $35 to make and it turned out really nice!

Legs assemblies. You can see the pocket holes. I filled them in with wooden plugs before staining.
The finished desk, another look at the legs and back. In the photo it looks like the angle is wrong in the back, it’s not. I blame the photographer 🙂
The finished desk. You can see where the front support would balance out the look, but still pretty nice, and plenty of leg room.
A closer look at the re-purposed hardwood top.


Desk parts all cut to size
Another view of the legs. This is a very sturdy desk.