A quick jig to make my cutting boards (more) square and flat(er)

I like making cutting boards because they always end up so pretty. They make wonderful gifts, they are endlessly unique and pretty easy. In fact, last week, Chris the Electrician paid me a surprise visit and generously gifted me with a bench top lathe. In return, he asked for a couple cutting boards. Deal!

The requirements:

We could get super fancy here its July in Florida in my No – AC garage, so just the basics.

  1. a square corner to line up the wood
  2.  a flat base
  3. a way to clamp the boards once glued up
  4. glue-proof!

If I had a melamine board I would have used that as, from what I’ve heard, the glue doesn’t stick to it. I didn’t have that so I just used some scrap pieces of plywood.

  1. Pretend that the blue tape is duct tape - it will work much better
    Pretend that the blue tape is PACKING tape – it will work much better – packing tape is clear, blue tape makes it easier to see what I did.
    I used screws to secure my corner pieces.
    Nice and square!
    plywood strips will help brace the boards for clamping. Cover these with wax paper or duct tape
    tape will help keep the glue off
    cover the base with wax paper or with more packing tape

    20160703_113729 20160703_113739square the base so that you have a good 90 degree corner to work from. I had a rectangular piece of scrap about 20 inches by 25 inches. That is large enough for most of the projects I would want it for. Choose a size that is big enough for the boards you want to make.

  2. find or cut some strips to use as your guide. Glue and/or screw these to the edges making sure you maintain your right angle.
  3. cut some strips of plywood about three inches wide and as long as your base to help with clamping the sides
  4. cut a small piece or use a scrap to clamp from the top to help hold flat.
  5. Last, cover everything with wax paper or duct tape to keep from accidentally gluing the plywood to the cutting board.

There you go! let me know if it works for you.