My new X-Carve

Having a CNC router has been a desire of mine since I first saw one in action at a woodworking exhibit several years ago. The price has always been way out of reach until recently. Thanks to the Maker Movement, there have been several DIY kits created for laser cutters, 3D printers and CNC machines. I decided to give the X-Carve from Inventables a try. They did not send me one free, and I don’t get anything from them for mentioning them, I just really liked what I saw and ordered the kit.

It arrived in boxes. Many of them. Inside the boxes were parts, so many parts. Instructions and videos guided me through the assembly process and I got through it with just a few hiccups. I will say that I don’t have much experience with motors or electronics so the assembly was challenging. Once together and carefully calibrated and adjusted, it only took a couple of practice runs to get the hang of using both the hardware and software. I destroyed one project and broke one bit learning to get things right. So far I can say that I pretty much love it!



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